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MultiModemia v1.0




MultiModemia is a little program that monitors your Dial-Up connection and enhances Dial Up Networking. It shows the modem sent/received status, plays a .wav file when common modem events occur, and can automatically close down the active connection, as well as Shutdown Windows.
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The others software titles.

Sound Association - Add sound to events on your system.

Noisy Mouse - Lets you hear your mouse clicks.

Noisy Keyboard - Lets you hear your keystrokes.

Born To Run - Run files with a standalone application.

ThumbTrack - Holds the scroll box for you.

Start Moving - Watch your Start button move.

Infstaller - Execute any .inf file.

Closing Time - Close open windows easily.

MultiModemia - Dial-Up adapter monitor.

Query Application - Provides Internet information.

Cdrom List Creator - Make lists of your cdroms files.

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