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 ThumbTrack v1.2




ThumbTrack hold the scroll box (thumb) for you, And lets you scroll without the need to hold the left mouse button pressed. Every time that you start dragging the scroll box you can release the left mouse button and continue your scrolling just by moving the mouse. a button to go directly to the Control Panel Sounds area to assign .wav files to your sound events.
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The others software titles.

Sound Association - Add sound to events on your system.

Noisy Mouse - Lets you hear your mouse clicks.

Noisy Keyboard - Lets you hear your keystrokes.

Born To Run - Run files with a standalone application.

ThumbTrack - Holds the scroll box for you.

Start Moving - Watch your Start button move.

Infstaller - Execute any .inf file.

Closing Time - Close open windows easily.

MultiModemia - Dial-Up adapter monitor.

Query Application - Provides Internet information.

Cdrom List Creator - Make lists of your cdroms files.

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