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  What's New

September 2000 - I opened my new site at www.leeos.com,
January 2001 - New page to Query Application - program that provides Internet information. Site Redisign!
February 2001 - Query Application updated to v1.03 then to v1.04.
March 2001 - Query Application updated to v1.05, many improvements and fixes.
September 2001 - Now, all my programs zip files are on this server.
November 2001 - Added New program name Cdrom List Creator.
December 2001 - Cdrom List Creator updated to v3.0. Infstaller updated to v2.10.
January 2002 - Site redisign.
September 2002 - Audio Cdrom List Creator released.
December 2002 - IE URL Changer released.
Ougust 2003 - Rename File Extensions released.

Last updated at 16/08/2003

Please contact Lior Ostrowsky with questions or comments.
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